Re-Entry Resources

After 30+ years living and working overseas with only relatively short stints back to the US,  I finally moved back to my roots in the summer of 2014.

Re-entry is hard.  The process of transition begins long before one steps onto the plane in leaving.  And it also lasts much longer than when one arrives and steps onto the ground of one’s passport country.  It’s as complex and as complicated as the individuals God made us.  It affects our emotions, bodies and minds and we wonder if we will ever feel normal again.

I have discovered that there are many resources out there– much more than years ago– and I wish to share them with you.  And also I desire to regularly update and revise this information and to hear suggestions from you as well.

So let’s get started!

Please check out the books I think would be great to read and reasons why. I have two listed on the side bar but there are more, so click on Book Reviews.

May we continue to learn, adjust, transition and grow together!